Update on personal website


It took me a long time to reach this version of my personal website. I had to cut down on a few of my ideas and gain clarity about what's possible, and necessary. Right now, I have a basic website which opens a landing page with my introduction and a link to the logs page at the top. Further pages like link to portfolio, link to other social media can be added as and when they are ready.


Next up:

I have spent majority of the time working on and fixing CSS in the past weeks. I am planning on adding Tailwind CSS to this project. initially, I discarded the idea since I needed more control over CSS classes; but while working with CSS in Next.js, I realised that there's no easy way to add multiple class names to style an element. I am hoping Tailwind to be the solution. I will get to learn Tailwind CSS in the process too.

Also, I'll be adding icons to the website soon after the right CSS framework is setup.