January 2023: The Beginning

About this website:

On January 1st, 2023, I decided to get better and fluent in coding. For that to happen the only way I could think of was to be regular with writing code. About 3 months before that, I had started to learn German on Duolingo app. There is a feature on the app which tracks your daily streak. Unintentionally, to maintain the streak, I started to learn a little bit of German daily. Even if it was for 5 mins, I got into a habit where I cannot pass a day without learning German on the app. I decided to do the same with programming.

After half a decade of finishing my Masters degree, I now have a vision for myself. I am going to work towards UX design and have a deep knowledge about the tools used to build user interfaces and full stack applications. ReactJS is a tool I am familiar with, and certainly it is one of the skills in demand. So why not continue with it? I will be tracking my progress with daily commits to my github profile.

This website/blog is a log of all of the things I do to better myself at coding (and UX design). Every week, I'll update my progress with a blog post over here. This basic example of a blog is from the Next.js documentation. I plan to make changes to this overtime as and when I learn new ways of maintaining a blog.


Week 1-4: Update for January 2023

For the month of January I worked on making a basic structure of a website. I started with html, css on my personal website on this github repository. Further, I decided to add Next.js to it.

For the rest and most of January I followed the documentation covering basics of ReactJS and Next.js. This website is the product of the documentation covering the same. All the code can be found on this repository on github.

Along with the basics of Next.js, I got to learn Markdown which I have found to be useful and interesting.